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  1. So, I know that I have a lot to update in terms of the occultist guide and other shenanigans, but currently I've not been able to focus on those tasks.

    In all honesty, I know these blogs generally should be for social/gaming interactions, information, etc, but I feel this would be a nice place to express myself since I can't seem to find other outlets as of yet.


    If this post gets taken down, or if its even still around months, years or however long from now, well, thank you for reading so far.


    So, lately, I've been feeling kind of down. There has been a lot of things weighing on my mind and a lot of this irl that has been causing me some copious amounts of stress.





  2. Acchan
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    Hello my fellow tentacle lovers !
    Hmm its been so long since I have talked to you all, Have you been well ? 
    2018 has started and so has my streams, are you ready for the crazy princess to roll around on your screens ?
    I have a lot of problems going on with work right now so I am not updating as fast as I would like but I want to fix it .
    Also my husband has been very sick so I have been attending to him, he seems to be at a loss whenever he gets sick .



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    So to start off in no way am I an expert on this topic and keep in mind that different strategies work for different channels. I'm offering advice regarding growth/success on Twitch, so I decided to make this list of tips.
    Hope you find it helpful!


    1. Cross Platforming; Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are all very powerful tools to help promote your channel.These platforms will help drive your community to Twitch.  The more platforms you’re on means more potential viewers and loyal fans to find your channel.
    2. Establish your Brand; Set up a mascot, logo, slogan, or something creative that can set you apart from the rest. Depending on what you decide will help create your channel environment. What kind of activity do you want to generate on your stream? Some examples of this would be an interactive stream, competitive stream, or chill stream.  
    3. Schedules are important; Generate anticipation for your viewers by setting a day and time that you will stream on. Don’t show up late and if there is a schedule change please notify your viewers via social media
    4. Be Creative; Don’t let fear stop you from thinking outside of the box. You never know where the next cool idea is coming from.
    5. Collaborate; Become friends with other broadcasters and work together! Hold an event featuring you both to bring in your viewers for a special stream.
    6. The Follower Count; Not everyone that follows your stream is going to commit 100% unless they’re a loyal fan. Focus on your audience, your stream, and yourself.
    7. Networking; Join groups, go to events, introduce yourself and your stream to others! You need to know others in the industry and the community to generate and build your fan base.
    8. Twitch Etiquette; Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your mom, boss, or significant other seeing on your stream.  Don’t talk about viewer count in other Twitch channels and always ask before promoting your own channel.
    9. Rules & Moderators; You’re gonna want to have a set list of rules on your channel and give trusted friends Mod ability. Don’t give out mod power freely keep it at a small number.
    10. Set-Up A Bot: This helps keep your chat clean from spam and unsightly posts. Bots can do so much more by linking your own info among other things.
    11. Keep Talking; Avoid silent moments and try to stay active on screen. Talk in chat and make friends! Even if there are no viewers in chat post something about your day.
    12.  Don't do it for the Money; a lot of people feel the Twitch Affiliate program is going to be easy to make money off of. You're gonna find yourself struggling if that's your only intention to stream.

    Bonus Tip: Believe in yourself! Never give up! Try and Try Again. 


    Thanks for Reading! - Kosmic


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