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Who want's to be an Occultist;

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Welcome back to my blog! Today our topic is the Occultist class on the game published by ME.Com - Revelation Online;

Part 1. What is an Occultist?

So, what is an Occultist? Think of Occultists (Or Occ for short) As a cross between a Spirit Shaper [SS] and a Sword Mage [SM]. This class is your psuedo-cleric, or your DPS healer.

There is quite a bit that goes into being an Occultist such as - Do you want to be strictly DPS? Do you want to be able to tank some damage? Do you want a balance of both? Finding the right combination of stats to fit your needs might be pretty difficult as a new Occ. In the first section I will discuss stat allocation and I will be dividing the class specs into the three categories - DPS, Off-Tank/Healer, and Balanced.


Once we have gone over stats, We will go over the perks to each category, and then we will ease our way into the skills of an Occ.



At this point in the blog, I will have to pause the guide, properly outline how I will present the information and then submit the next installment of "Who want's to be an Occultist!?"


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