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  2. How to get Promoted on CSS

    This is a question that gets asked a lot so I thought a topic about how to get x or y rank would be helpful to everyone! Below I will explain each rank and how someone can obtain said rank. 1. Newbie Once registered (and validated), you are automatically put in the Newbies group. 2. Member Members group is obtained after reaching a certain amount of posts since registration. You automatically get promoted to Members group from the Newbies group. 3. Senior Member You automatically get promoted to this group once you reach 100 posts or more. Senior Members can do more around our Community and have less restrictions than the simple Members group. 4. GFX Team GFX group is achieved by posting your work around the forum or the GFX Section/Club. You can make signatures and avatars for others. The more you post, the easier it is to get promoted. NOTE You must first be in the Senior Members group to be eligible for the GFX Team group. 5. Contributor Contributors group has less restrictions and more permissions around our Community. Contributors rank is obtained by helping out fellow members, making tutorials & topics, creating and being active in Clubs, and just generally supporting the forum in any way they can. Contributors rank now has ViP Access. NOTE You must first be in the Senior Members group and have more than 300 posts to be eligible for the Contributors group. 6. Designer Designer rank is for those members who contributed to the design of any images we use for this site or any apps we release. We have given permissions to this rank to be able to view the Designer section so they can enhance their knowledge and become better Designers so obtaining this rank will not be that easy. For us to consider promoting you to this rank, you need to post: - At least 25 unique posts which can be images*, title images, etc. NOTE You must first be in the Senior Members group and have a clean background to be eligible for Designer rank. 7. ViP You get promoted to the ViP rank automatically after you purchase a subscription package from here. ViP rank has access to the ViP section and other benefits around our Community. Please read this also for more information on how to obtain the rank. 8. ViP Plus ViP Plus can only be obtained by purchasing the ViP+ subscription package from here. ViP Plus rank has access to the ViP sections and other benefits around our Community. Please read this also for more information on how to obtain the rank. 9. Moderator Moderators look over certain sections of the forum that are assigned to them. To get the Moderator rank, you need to: - Must be at least 20 years old. - Be active for at least 6 months (minimum). - Follow the rules. - Don't ask for your promotion. - Help users. - Report posts & topics which are not following the rules. 10. Sr. Moderator A Sr. Moderator looks over the whole forum. They are the backbone of the site. This rank can only be obtained if current Staff sees that the member is fit for the role. You must first go through the Moderator rank to be eligible for the Global Moderator rank. 11. Administrator Administrator rank cannot be obtained by fulfilling requirements. *Requirements or permissions may change in the future without notice. *A member may get (automatically) demoted back to their previous group or a lower group when they are inactive. *You cannot get promoted if you have active warning points. You may get demoted if you receive a warning point while having a rank.
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  5. Hello everyone ! Thank you so much for your help in my journey to affiliate on Twitch ! I am currently doing the paperwork for my validation You guys have been so amazing, I cannot thank you enough . I wouldn't have gotten this far without you . Please continue to support me !

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  7. Meow mew meow

    Hello my fellow tentacle lovers ! Hmm its been so long since I have talked to you all, Have you been well ? 2018 has started and so has my streams, are you ready for the crazy princess to roll around on your screens ? I have a lot of problems going on with work right now so I am not updating as fast as I would like but I want to fix it . Also my husband has been very sick so I have been attending to him, he seems to be at a loss whenever he gets sick .
  8. Planning on creating a new blog and adding some more entries to the old one! 

  9. 1st day Streaming,2k18 and I'm alive, somehow. https://www.twitch.tv/dura666

  10. I'm the crazy cat lady

    I may or may not be obsessed with cats and stuffed animals . I am thinking of posting pictures of my stuffed animals as I get them . Since I have so much that would be so fun . Tell me what you all think !
  11. New year, New you ?

    I apologize for my absence, stuff with work has made it very hard for me to update . But need not worry everything will be okay <3 I have set up a schedule to start updating this blog every Friday and set a streaming time for Monday and Wednesday . I also set up once or twice a month a drawing stream . Here are the games that I will be playing on stream starting this Monday : Closers Online Revelation Online FlyFF Nier Automata (gifted from Ghost) I will also be running around on steam playing some of the random FTP games . But right now my guild Nimbus Gaming have been making a home in Closers Online . I cannot wait to build a new home in each game I play . As a Vice Lead I am very happy to know we can branch out to other games and make friends there . -- This post is also going to be an update on some details about me . My streamers will have mature content since I wont censor my language . So I hope you are all ready for tentacles ! Today is also a double post since I couldn't update last week
  12. Adulting

    My baby is getting older .
  13. Created my blog ! I will be posting every Thursday and some days at random between times . It will be a blog about my life and the growth of being an Idol

  14. Cats

  15. Cats Cats Cats

    I have 2 cats who are my children . My eldest is named Shay who we adopted from another family who could no longer take care of her . My youngest is named Shadow we adopted her from a woman my husband works with . Her cat had babies and she needed to get rid of them so we got Shadow since I love cats . My husband surprised me with her and I am so happy to have another baby .
  16. Acchan Intro

  17. Sign-Up & Connect

    Hello everyone! You can now connect your social media accounts to cybersonicsteel.com! 1. Click on the down arrow next to your display name to view the drop down menu then select account settings. 2. In the overview you will see your account information and what social media accounts are already connected. 3. Select the tab of the social media platform you wish to connect then hit Sign-in! 4. Boom! You're connected and everyone can now connect with you on that platform as well.
  18. Might do a stream tonight bih, fuck you mean work in the morning won't stop meeeeee o3o https://www.twitch.tv/dura666

  19. Go Team Go

    Madam Nex! ♥ o/
  20. just wanted to introduce myself
  21. My Channel

    Hello all, I am Thesilent_reaper. I am 28 years old and I am a variety streamer looking to make friends and followers throu my gaming adventures, I love all games but my specialty is first person shooters. If you want to check out my content I promise you won't be disappointed, check me out here you're welcome to reply to this thread! Twitch Link
  22. Origin Of The Reaper

    Hello all, thanks for checking this out. I am 28 years old. And have been gaming most my life. I play all games but strive in first person shooters. If you'd like to know more you're welcome to ask
  23. So to start off in no way am I an expert on this topic and keep in mind that different strategies work for different channels. I'm offering advice regarding growth/success on Twitch, so I decided to make this list of tips. Hope you find it helpful! Cross Platforming; Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are all very powerful tools to help promote your channel.These platforms will help drive your community to Twitch. The more platforms you’re on means more potential viewers and loyal fans to find your channel. Establish your Brand; Set up a mascot, logo, slogan, or something creative that can set you apart from the rest. Depending on what you decide will help create your channel environment. What kind of activity do you want to generate on your stream? Some examples of this would be an interactive stream, competitive stream, or chill stream. Schedules are important; Generate anticipation for your viewers by setting a day and time that you will stream on. Don’t show up late and if there is a schedule change please notify your viewers via social media Be Creative; Don’t let fear stop you from thinking outside of the box. You never know where the next cool idea is coming from. Collaborate; Become friends with other broadcasters and work together! Hold an event featuring you both to bring in your viewers for a special stream. The Follower Count; Not everyone that follows your stream is going to commit 100% unless they’re a loyal fan. Focus on your audience, your stream, and yourself. Networking; Join groups, go to events, introduce yourself and your stream to others! You need to know others in the industry and the community to generate and build your fan base. Twitch Etiquette; Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your mom, boss, or significant other seeing on your stream. Don’t talk about viewer count in other Twitch channels and always ask before promoting your own channel. Rules & Moderators; You’re gonna want to have a set list of rules on your channel and give trusted friends Mod ability. Don’t give out mod power freely keep it at a small number. Set-Up A Bot: This helps keep your chat clean from spam and unsightly posts. Bots can do so much more by linking your own info among other things. Keep Talking; Avoid silent moments and try to stay active on screen. Talk in chat and make friends! Even if there are no viewers in chat post something about your day. Don't do it for the Money; a lot of people feel the Twitch Affiliate program is going to be easy to make money off of. You're gonna find yourself struggling if that's your only intention to stream. Bonus Tip: Believe in yourself! Never give up! Try and Try Again. Thanks for Reading! - Kosmic
  24. Filled out the application, maybe I can put what skill I have to good use in helping grow the company :x

  25. Join the Team

    Here at CyberSonicSteel, we believe that a healthy work environment is all about learning, discovering, and growing. Our program is designed to excite, spark, energize, inspire, and charge our staff with engaging work in an educational environment. If you find yourself interested in working with us please check out the form below. CSS Application
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