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How to get Promoted on CSS

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Below I will explain each rank and how someone can obtain said rank.


1. Newbie
Once registered (and validated), you are automatically put in the Newbies group.

2. Member
Members group is obtained after reaching a certain amount of posts/time since registration. You automatically get promoted to Members group from the Newbies group.

3. Senior Member
You automatically get promoted to this group once you reach 200 posts or more. Senior Members can do more around our Community and have less restrictions than the simple Members group.

4. Contributor
Contributors group has less restrictions and more permissions around our Community. Contributors rank is obtained by helping out fellow members, making tutorials & topics, creating and being active in Clubs, and just generally supporting the forum in any way they can. Contributors rank now has ViP Access.

NOTE You must first be in the Senior Members group and have more than 300 posts to be eligible for the Contributors group.

5. Designer
Designer rank is for those members who contributed to the design of any images we use for this site or any apps we release. We have given permissions to this rank to be able to view the Designer section so they can enhance their knowledge and become better Designers so obtaining this rank will not be that easy.

For us to consider promoting you to this rank, you need to post:

- At least 25 unique posts which can be images*, title images, etc.

NOTE You must first be in the Senior Members group and have a clean background to be eligible for Designer rank.

6. ViP
You get promoted to the ViP rank automatically after you purchase a subscription package from here. ViP rank has access to the ViP section and other benefits around our Community. Please read this also for more information on how to obtain the rank.

7. ViP Plus
ViP Plus can only be obtained by purchasing the ViP+ subscription package from here. ViP Plus rank has access to the ViP sections and other benefits around our Community. Please read this also for more information on how to obtain the rank.

8. Moderator
Moderators look over certain sections of the forum that are assigned to them.

To get the Moderator rank, you need to:

- Must be at least 21 years old.
- Be active for at least 6 months (minimum).
- Follow the rules.
- Don't ask for your promotion.
- Help users.
- Report posts & topics which are not following the rules.

9. Sr. Moderator
A Sr. Moderator looks over the whole forum. They are the backbone of the site. This rank can only be obtained if current Staff sees that the member is fit for the role. You must first go through the Moderator rank to be eligible for the Global Moderator rank.

10. Administrator
Administrator rank cannot be obtained by fulfilling requirements.

*Requirements or permissions may change in the future without notice.

*A member may get (automatically) demoted back to their previous group or a lower group when they are inactive.

*You cannot get promoted if you have active warning points. You may get demoted if you receive a warning point while having a rank.

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