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Welcome to Team iPhone!

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Hello & Welcome to "Team iPhone".



This is a place where if you need help or have questions or want to share something that you found such as a easier way to do something that you might think someone else might not know about or think it might help someone with an “iPhone” or “iPad” or “iPod” or “Apple TV” or even “Apple Watch” then feel free to share it here. 

This topic will grow with sub forums with better clarification so that things don’t look like a mess. An example of this is a sub forum for the “iPhone” where you can find and ask questions that only pertain to the iPhone. 

We only have one rule and that rule is that our members respect one another. If you already knew something that someone posted don’t reply with anything degrading or disrespectful to his/hers post. Anyone who doesn’t follow this rule will not be allowed to post in this section until they can show that should be allowed to do so again. 


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