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    Below I will explain each rank and how someone can obtain said rank. 1. Newbie Once registered (and validated), you are automatically put in the Newbies group. 2. Member Members group is obtained after reaching a certain amount of posts/time since registration. You automatically get promoted to Members group from the Newbies group. 3. Senior Member You automatically get promoted to this group once you reach 200 posts or more. Senior Members can do more around our Community and have less restrictions than the simple Members group. 4. Contributor Contributors group has less restrictions and more permissions around our Community. Contributors rank is obtained by helping out fellow members, making tutorials & topics, creating and being active in Clubs, and just generally supporting the forum in any way they can. Contributors rank now has ViP Access. NOTE You must first be in the Senior Members group and have more than 300 posts to be eligible for the Contributors group. 5. Designer Designer rank is for those members who contributed to the design of any images we use for this site or any apps we release. We have given permissions to this rank to be able to view the Designer section so they can enhance their knowledge and become better Designers so obtaining this rank will not be that easy. For us to consider promoting you to this rank, you need to post: - At least 25 unique posts which can be images*, title images, etc. NOTE You must first be in the Senior Members group and have a clean background to be eligible for Designer rank. 6. ViP You get promoted to the ViP rank automatically after you purchase a subscription package from here. ViP rank has access to the ViP section and other benefits around our Community. Please read this also for more information on how to obtain the rank. 7. ViP Plus ViP Plus can only be obtained by purchasing the ViP+ subscription package from here. ViP Plus rank has access to the ViP sections and other benefits around our Community. Please read this also for more information on how to obtain the rank. 8. Moderator Moderators look over certain sections of the forum that are assigned to them. To get the Moderator rank, you need to: - Must be at least 21 years old. - Be active for at least 6 months (minimum). - Follow the rules. - Don't ask for your promotion. - Help users. - Report posts & topics which are not following the rules. 9. Sr. Moderator A Sr. Moderator looks over the whole forum. They are the backbone of the site. This rank can only be obtained if current Staff sees that the member is fit for the role. You must first go through the Moderator rank to be eligible for the Global Moderator rank. 10. Administrator Administrator rank cannot be obtained by fulfilling requirements. *Requirements or permissions may change in the future without notice. *A member may get (automatically) demoted back to their previous group or a lower group when they are inactive. *You cannot get promoted if you have active warning points. You may get demoted if you receive a warning point while having a rank.
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    Please thoroughly read everything before purchasing a subscription. Sharing your ViP account or sharing the goodies inside the ViP sections is not allowed and will get you banned if you break this rule. Our ViP content are for personal use only. You purchase ViP for what you see inside the ViP section(s), not for what's to come. You cannot use your friend(s) or family member's information when purchasing ViP. This includes credit card details. All the information submitted must be yours and owned by you. There are absolutely no refunds after purchasing ViP. As a ViP member, you are obliged to keep your account secure. This means you cannot use simple dictionary password or passwords which are easily guessable. Do not use the same password across websites, always use a unique password on every website. If you fail to follow this important rule and your account gets compromised, your ViP access will be terminated. Once your subscription expires, no automatic renewals will be performed. Hello everyone, This topic will explain the recent changes in our ViP System and the idea behind it. First of all, we removed the previous ViP term times option and replaced it with a 1 Month ViP option. Secondly, the ViP prices have changed. So, if you just joined the website, the ViP price will be normal for you (see below) and if you have a rank here on CSS, the ViP prices will be offered at a discount. Below are our current prices for current ranks. Members ViP - 1 Month -> $9.99 (This is unavailable when you're in the members group) ViP - 2 Months -> $16.99 ViP - 3 Months -> $25.99 -> $24.99 We believe this will encourage people to set a goal for a higher rank for the extra benefits (not just in ViP prices). This may also help prevent leeching of ViP content & improve the quality of our ViP section by filling it with new content. Since not everyone will be able to purchase ViP, ViP access can also be obtained via the Contributors rank. To obtain any of the ranks above, please see this topic for more information.
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    It sounds entirely bizarre but the idea of turning something off & back on again to solve a problem, or simply performing a reset, definitely still applies. And this is definitely the case where iPhone is concerned. In regards to iPhone X / XS / XS Max & XR, a hard reset (or force restart as it’s sometimes called) is slightly different to other devices and we are going to show you exactly how to do that. Without further ado, let’s jump right in and take a look at the simple steps that you need to do to hard reset Apple’s new hardware. And, then, we can touch briefly on why this might be the case or why it might be needed. Step 1: The first step here is press and release the Volume Up button. Make sure this is done quickly. Step 2: Now, press and release the Volume Down button. Once again, make sure that this is done quickly. Step 3: Now, with the above two steps out of the way, press and hold the Side button on the iPhone X • XS • XS Max or XR. When the Slide to Power Off interface appears, simply ignore it and keep pressing the Side button until the glorious Apple logo appears. You are then safe to release the Side button and allow the process to continue with your assistance. So, you now have the process mastered, but what about the why? Like most tech-based hardware, Apple’s new iPhones will definitely be prone to issues or the odd screen freeze here and there. In the event that, it becomes necessary to perform a quick and simple hard reset on the device in order to see if that alleviates the problem. If so, then you know it isn’t a huge issue and that a reset can, and will continue to, solve the problem. If the hard reset doesn’t resolve the problem, then you know there are bigger issues afoot and that a different approach needs to be taken. This process could be slightly confusing to experienced iPhone owners as previous models have actually had a different – perhaps more simplified process – in place to perform a hard reset. However, once you nail the process, it will be easy going forward.
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    Happy Birthday @autumnstar_m1!?
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    Twitch users will soon have the opportunity to be able to purchase advertising space.
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    store has been updated with new products
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    Added signatures for certain user groups
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    Added a new Donations plugin to make it easier for users
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    added Trophies and Medals for users
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    What's hot on your list right now? I'm sure we are all caught up on DBS, so feel free to leave some links and reviews about new anime you've looked it into! Layered Stories 0 Occult Nine Beatless
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    But you aren't caught up on DBS. You have more episodes to go ma'am. Beatless Killing Bites Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku
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    Here at CyberSonicSteel, we believe that a healthy work environment is all about learning, discovering, and growing. Our program is designed to excite, spark, energize, inspire, and charge our staff with engaging work in an educational environment. If you find yourself interested in working with us please check out the form below. CSS Application
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    Accounts: - Multiple accounts under the same person are not allowed. Do not make multiple accounts to give yourself: Points, Thanks or likes. If you have multiple accounts they will be deleted, and you will get banned permanently. Sharing your account with another user is not allowed. - Do not beg for "Thanks" or "Likes". This includes doing "like4like" with other members. - Advertising is not permitted with the exception of one or two, i.e. YouTube or Google. Do not advertise other forums. Advertising is not generally allowed via a Private Chat or Private Messages but ask a staff member if it's acceptable to send a link via PM. - Stealing another person's identity is not allowed. This could be anything from saying you are a "Moderator" to changing your username or profile picture to look similar to any other member, including "STAFF Members". - Phishing, hacking, IP logging, sharing others personal information or signing in on another person's account is strictly forbidden. If you are found to be hacking members of this website you will receive a permanent ban. - Signatures and avatars are available for all members, but no more than 2 can be used at one time. They can be whatever size you like, as long as they: do not break the page/fit the size allocated. Most content is allowed with the exception of Forum Rules. Paypal donations links are not allowed in Signatures. Other: Do not spam! This includes: Posting small useless posts on every topic, trying to boost post count or unlocking the hidden content. Do not flame. Try to maintain good relations. Do not post any form of malware or spyware. If we see that you have you will be banned. Do not share your account with other members. Do not bump your threads unless given permission by staff. Do not reply/quote random stuff under topics to unlock the hidden content. Do not post any personal information about other members. This includes real names, phone numbers, IP address, etc. Do not post threads in order to mislead a member. This could be anything from phrasing a question as a tutorial or saying it is one thing and it being completely different. This also includes links that appear to go to one site and redirect to another. Even if you put a website that shows a link to content that is banned under our rules, and it links somewhere safe, you can still be punished for the appropriate reason. No "explicit" material in public. No "racist or degrading" content towards other members. No discussions of "fraud" or any "blackhat" activity. No "bashing" or "beating down" on peoples thread. Bashing and stating your opinion are very different. Always search the forum before you ask a question just to be sure it has not been ask/answered before. There is no refunding after purchasing "VIP". Asking "VIP" users or "Staff" or any other member groups with "VIP privileges" to share VIP only items is not allowed. Using "spam emails" or "fake emails" when registering is not allowed. Even changing your account's information to use a "fake" email will get your account banned. Status updates that are pointless, (spam, external links to sites not allowed, asking for accounts with higher privileges) will get removed by staff. If continued, you’ll get warned. No like begging inside of topics. You may only add one sentence for users. Like GIFs are not allowed. Cheating or trying to cheat the "VIP" system will result in a permanent ban. If you break one or more of these rules, you will receive a: - Warning - Ban 4 Warning Points results in a permanent ban. If you are unsure how to post something just contact one of the "Administrators", "Moderators" or "STAFF Members". More rules may be added/changed without notice. It is your responsibility as a member to check this thread often.
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    When will more levels be added to the game. Right now we are currently working on adding 50 new levels. As soon as we can we will add more levels every 3 weeks.
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