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  1. Hello everyone ! Thank you so much for your help in my journey to affiliate on Twitch ! I am currently doing the paperwork for my validation You guys have been so amazing, I cannot thank you enough . I wouldn't have gotten this far without you . Please continue to support me !

  2. Meow mew meow

    Hello my fellow tentacle lovers ! Hmm its been so long since I have talked to you all, Have you been well ? 2018 has started and so has my streams, are you ready for the crazy princess to roll around on your screens ? I have a lot of problems going on with work right now so I am not updating as fast as I would like but I want to fix it . Also my husband has been very sick so I have been attending to him, he seems to be at a loss whenever he gets sick .
  3. I'm the crazy cat lady

    I may or may not be obsessed with cats and stuffed animals . I am thinking of posting pictures of my stuffed animals as I get them . Since I have so much that would be so fun . Tell me what you all think !
  4. New year, New you ?

    I apologize for my absence, stuff with work has made it very hard for me to update . But need not worry everything will be okay <3 I have set up a schedule to start updating this blog every Friday and set a streaming time for Monday and Wednesday . I also set up once or twice a month a drawing stream . Here are the games that I will be playing on stream starting this Monday : Closers Online Revelation Online FlyFF Nier Automata (gifted from Ghost) I will also be running around on steam playing some of the random FTP games . But right now my guild Nimbus Gaming have been making a home in Closers Online . I cannot wait to build a new home in each game I play . As a Vice Lead I am very happy to know we can branch out to other games and make friends there . -- This post is also going to be an update on some details about me . My streamers will have mature content since I wont censor my language . So I hope you are all ready for tentacles ! Today is also a double post since I couldn't update last week
  5. Adulting

    My baby is getting older .
  6. Created my blog ! I will be posting every Thursday and some days at random between times . It will be a blog about my life and the growth of being an Idol

  7. Cats

  8. Cats Cats Cats

    I have 2 cats who are my children . My eldest is named Shay who we adopted from another family who could no longer take care of her . My youngest is named Shadow we adopted her from a woman my husband works with . Her cat had babies and she needed to get rid of them so we got Shadow since I love cats . My husband surprised me with her and I am so happy to have another baby .
  9. Filled out the application, maybe I can put what skill I have to good use in helping grow the company :x

  10. Its a Madiiiii Look-it meeee~

  11. Intro - Acchan

    Arigatou !
  12. Intro - Acchan

    Hello ! I am Acchan the Vice Guild Lead for Nimbus Gaming . I am a MMORPG gamer and a manga artist . I am a translator in training . https://www.twitch.tv/acchanaidoru