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    No Moi, it's Joinen! I stream every (just about) weekday during the day (Australian time). My Twitch streams mostly all end up as videos for my YouTube channel "Joinen".
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  4. Watch out! It's the one and only....





  6. Check out the Misanthropik Records youtube playlist 

  7. Hello I'm Erick Leviathan, CEO and founder of Misanthropik Records, I do this because I Love Metal, I assume you love metal as well, so lets work together and help spread the metal




  9. AN1M4T3D2077 H0P3FU11Y TH15 T1M3 W0RK5
  10. Ghost Hunting in Phasmophobia! NEWBIE hanging with Level 100s!
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  12. The #1 one question I'm asked is how do I get started? Start with a small win , find something you can do quickly and effectively, and that it won't cost a lot of money. The easiest task to pick up would be to pick up a trending topic or season. Find an existing campaign or event. Then you can add content marketing into the mix. You're just starting out so do the best you can. Now add more to the content! If there is an event going on, take a bunch of pictures, create a slideshow and add some music, or you can go to the floor and do interviews there, or you can get testimonials of a product
  13. Embrace the fact that you a publisher. Now you may not think so because you're in other industries, but being a publisher is more like a mindset. So one of the content rules that I want you to understand is that you need to start thinking like a publisher. You're going to need to plan and release content. A magazine publisher isn't going to say a week before hitting the press what are we going to do. They plan out weeks and months and seasons in advance. Try to lay out the next three months of what new product, event, game, or whatever topic that interests you. Looking ahead allows you to plan
  14. Leadership is very important when it comes to content marketing. Having leadership support is critical for your content marketing operation. Having the people running your content marketing programs empowered to make your decisions quickly and time is critical. That is why the leadership backing you up is critical. Take the time to do a Competitive Analysis, show leadership what the competition is doing to gain support. Having examples of what your competition is doing is a great way to get everyone on board with you. Go find those good examples and then bring them back to brainstorm
  15. Integrating What thing that businesses seem to do is when something new comes along they think they can just slap this on to whatever they're already doing. Campaigns, yellow page ads, print ads, but the key is to integrate your content marketing all across the board. Once you start thinking of a new campaign you should start thinking about content marking and what you're gonna do. Intergration: Behave like one company. This is an important part of content marketing that you are all aware of your marketing efforts.

    18 hour pork bone broth

    Green onions



    113 S Industrial St, Edcouch Texas 78538



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    Bills are still accepted however an order may not be guaranteed until payment is placed.



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    Just your "Rockin Variety Streamer"
  18. Company culture is critical to your content marketing success. If you're a small mom and pop company, a new streamer, or someone who is brand new to content creation things will be very different versus being a multi-national company, a sponsored streamer like Ninja, or someone who has professionally worked with social media for over 10 years. What can be upsetting about content marketing is that you may find often then not everyone copying everybody else. Real time marketing has always been a major trend that works well. After a public event happens, we now create memes to boost our reac
  19. CyberTazz

    Bass Drops

    Bass_Drop_01 Bass_Drop_01.mp3 Bass_Drop_02 Bass_Drop_02.mp3 Bass_Drop_03 Bass_Drop_03.mp3 Bass_Drop_04 Bass_Drop_04.mp3 Bass_Drop_05 Bass_Drop_05.mp3 Bass_Drop_06 Bass_Drop_06.mp3 Bass_Drop_07 Bass_Drop_07.mp3 Bass_Drop_08 Bass_Drop_08.mp3 Bass_Drop_09 Bass_Drop_09.mp3 Bass_Drop_10 Bass_Drop_10.mp3 Bass_Drop_11 Bass_Drop_11.mp3 Bass_Drop_12 Bass_Drop_12.mp3 Bass_Drop_13 Bass_Drop_13.mp3 Time_Freeze_01 Time_Freeze_01.mp3 Time_Freeze_02 Time_Freeze_02.
  20. As we get started, lets discuss how we are going to measure the success of your content marketing program. If you don't define upfront how you're gonna measure success you can never know if you've actually obtained. Content marketing is about a lot of different efforts, sometimes it's about building hype, good or bad, sometimes it's about making money. You're in business and you need to make money. You can focus on building an email list or spreading awareness about a new product. There are lots of different things that content marketing can be doing for you. But, first we need to define what
  21. So what is content and why is content marketing important? I define content as any type of media that you create to share your brand's story online. Now, why is this important is because the internet has changed everything. When people are buying a car, looking for clothes, what movie to go to, what restaurant to eat at, and who to hire for their business, they go to the internet. They go to a search engine and their typing in a question and you want your results to come back. That's where content comes into play. Content Marketing is made up of: WRITTEN WORD PHOTOS
  22. Hi everyone! I'm Debbie Martinez, Vice-President of CyberSonicSteel! Welcome to my blog: What is content creation? First of all, what is content marketing? Content Marketing is everything you publish online to tell your story: PHOTOS VIDEOS AUDIO WORDS In this blog, I'm going to break down content marketing and leave you tips on how to create better content today and hopefully grow your audience. We will start on the strategy by measuring success, building hype, making money, adding followers, and find what social media platform is right for you.
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