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What is Company Culture?

Debbie Martinez


Company culture is critical to your content marketing success. If you're a small mom and pop company, a new streamer, or someone who is brand new to content creation things will be very different versus being a multi-national company, a sponsored streamer like Ninja, or someone who has professionally worked with social media for over 10 years. What can be upsetting about content marketing is that you may find often then not everyone copying everybody else. Real time marketing has always been a major trend that works well.

After a public event happens, we now create memes to boost our reach and brand awareness due to that focus on that event. It works wonders and you'll have more than enough content to circulate for that week/month alone.  Let's face it from the start if you're just stepping into digital marketing you may not have the budget, the staff, or the resources to do what bigger brands do.  Don't try to pull something off knowing that you can't go thru with it, and especially if it doesn't fit who you are as a brand. When you create content your goal is to generate an emotional response from your audience. You can do this with humor, seriousness, caring, there are lots of different emotions, and if it doesn't fit your brand it may feel weird. Take the time to look at your company culture and voice, of things you do and don't do. The key is to know your brand first and then start creating content. 

Company Culture: The values, attitudes, norms and habits that define an organization acts and interacts. 


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