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Embracing The Truth

Debbie Martinez


Embrace the fact that you a publisher. Now you may not think so because you're in other industries, but being a publisher is more like a mindset. So one of the content rules that I want you to understand is that you need to start thinking like a publisher. You're going to need to plan and release content. A magazine publisher isn't going to say a week before hitting the press what are we going to do. They plan out weeks and months and seasons in advance. Try to lay out the next three months of what new product, event, game, or whatever topic that interests you. Looking ahead allows you to plan for the content you're gonna create. 

Let's say you have a product launch coming out soon, before you release you're gonna want to put out photos and videos, giving your viewers a teaser of it.  After it's out, how are you you gonna make people aware of it. You're gonna send traffic back and create tweets about it so others can find it.  We will talk in another section about creating a content calendar. Now for an overall content marketing plan, you're gonna want to drive traffic ahead of time to bigger campaigns, you'll also want to keep your brand active with small posts on twitter, Instagram, Facebook.  You're going to start wondering how does this fit with that written paper plan or that photo essay I created, this is where content marketing gets really powerful. Start planning ahead for content marketing and your efforts will get better over time. 


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