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    Hello, everyone.
    My name is David and I have been playing on Twitch for 3 years. I struggle with mental health. I have depression and anxiety. It gets bad sometimes, but I try my best to not allow it to reflect on my stream. Thank you to everyone who comes, supports, and considers me enough to follow this page. I've met a lot of cool people here and I am thankful for the good that Twitch has brought into my life.
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    PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Wii, and Wii U players we have a home for you.


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    Any art work that is posted in this section is free to use by any member of the community.

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    Are you great at making "Signatures" want to help your fellow community users with theirs here is where to ask and post custom "Signatures".

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    Support for all our mobile app games both published and unpublished. 


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Hi there & Welcome to CyberSonicSteel "CSS"

CyberSonicSteel is our Headquarters & we welcome all to come and learn how to claim your online identity and build your foundation with friends! Our Vice President's new passion is to help streamers, entreprenuers, influencers, and anyone who has a special idea to present. On behalf of our team we would like to welcome you to our community and we hope that you enjoy your stay with us.

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