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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this a good fit for?

CyberSonicSteel "CSS" is a great fit for vloggers, video creators or basically anybody who falls under the following criteria:

- Already has footage, photos and other assets.

- Knows exactly what the finished video should look like (and can explain it!).

- Doesn't want to edit the videos himself.

The reality is video editing is both time consuming and hard to learn -- so by outsourcing it, you can get a better job done faster so that you can focus on shooting more videos!

What kind of work can I request?

So we do have a few limitations:

- The finished video can't be longer than 30 minutes. (Unless you purchase an add-on!)

- We can't do voiceovers.

- We can't do animations.

Otherwise, basically everything else is fair game and we'll be able to help you get those videos edited!

How long does it take to get a video edited?

The short answer is it depends.

Our aim is always to get you a draft of your request or revision within 1-2 business days depending on the complexity of the video and from there you'll still need to leave comments for feedback.

In the beginning especially it might take a bit longer because your video editor will be getting to know you and your video's style.

As we get to know you better though, the drafts will be more to your liking and in the long run the hope is you'll either be good to go with the first draft or we'll only need 1-2 rounds of revisions to get your video right!

How will we communicate to ensure the work gets done?

We will contact via personal message within 24 hours on our site.

After that will enable you to:

- Submit video editing requests.

- Provide feedback on our video proofing tool.

- Download the final videos.

We are able set-up appointments for discord voice chats, facebook calls, or skype calls to ensure all details are confirmed and to update you on the progress of your request.

If it's unlimited...can you help me edit and revise 10,000 videos?


You can request as many video edits or revision rounds as you like.

The only thing to note is every video edit or revision still takes 1-2 business days to get done and beyond that we can only help you work on one video at a time.

By doing this we can stay focused and make sure to do a good job on one video and then once it's done we'll move onto the next one asap!

What tools do you use?

We exclusively use Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to ensure we deliver the highest quality work.

Is CyberSonicSteel available 7 days a week?

I know we as entrepreneurs work 7 days a week but our employees deserve the weekend off with their families, so CyberSonicSteel works Monday - Friday.

We encourage you to take the weekend off as well!

Do you offer free trials?

Unfortunately no, we don't offer free trials as it does take some time for our editors to understand your needs and editing style.

With that said, we understand you'll be taking a risk, so we do have a 7-Day 100% money back guarantee to ensure peace of mind when trying us out on your side!

What's the commitment?

Just a simple month-to-month subscription, no contracts or annual commitments necessary!

How do I get started?

Once you are ready to begin you can click here "Get Started" after signing up you will have access to our full community and can begin searching for the product that is right for you or can ask one of our staff members for help with choosing the one that fits your needs.

Hi there & Welcome to CyberSonicSteel "CSS"

CyberSonicSteel is our Headquarters & we welcome all to come and learn how to claim your online identity and build your foundation with friends! Our Vice President's new passion is to help streamers, entreprenuers, influencers, and anyone who has a special idea to present. On behalf of our team we would like to welcome you to our community and we hope that you enjoy your stay with us.

Need support? Here we are!


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