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    BlackPanthaa Show stream 😎 Submitter CyberTazz Submitted 01/17/2020 Category Youtube Is adult content? No  
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    Come and chat with the VP of CyberSonicSteel
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    TritanArmy Show stream #TritanArmy Submitter CyberTazz Submitted 01/17/2020 Category Youtube Is adult content? No  
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    Cyber Coins are now a thing here at CyberSonicSteel! What are Cyber Coins? Cyber Coins can be used to buy items in the member store. More information will be available at a later date on this. How can I get Cyber Coins? We have many ways to get them. For example, You get 75 Cyber Coins for logging in daily so if you log in every day for a year you can get up to 27,375 coins. Can I transfer coins between members? Yes, coins can be sent to other members. More information will be available at a later date on this. How do I find out how many coins I have? After logging in under Member Store there is a menu that says's "Bank" Here is where you will find your balance.
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    Here you will find all the available Trophies and Medals **As more are added this post will be updated!** COMMUNITY REPUTATION Good Reputation I Good Reputation II Good Reputation III Good Reputation IV Great Reputation I Great Reputation II Great Reputation III Great Reputation IV Excellent Reputation I Excellent Reputation II Excellent Reputation III Excellent Reputation IV Gold Reputation I Gold Reputation II Gold Reputation III Gold Reputation IV Platinum Reputation I Platinum Reputation II Platinum Reputation III Platinum Reputation IV Diamond Reputation I Diamond Reputation II Diamond Reputation III Diamond Reputation IV Master Reputation I Master Reputation II Master Reputation III Master Reputation IV Grandmaster Reputation I Grandmaster Reputation II Grandmaster Reputation III Grandmaster Reputation IV Challenger Reputation I Challenger Reputation II Challenger Reputation III Challenger Reputation IV Poster Trophy's Newbie Poster Rookie Poster 500+ Poster 1,000+ Poster 2,500+ Poster 5,000+ Poster 15,000+ Poster
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    Hello & Welcome Everyone! This forum is for everything Tazz's Adventures related if you have any problems with the app or have questions about something feel free to post it here and one of the staff members or fellow game members will be happily to assist you with your issue.
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Hi there & Welcome to CyberSonicSteel "CSS"

CyberSonicSteel is our Headquarters & we welcome all to come and learn how to claim your online identity and build your foundation with friends! Our Vice President's new passion is to help streamers, entreprenuers, influencers, and anyone who has a special idea to present. On behalf of our team we would like to welcome you to our community and we hope that you enjoy your stay with us.

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