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  2. Looking for some agents to team up with to do the Dark Hours Raid with but you never done the raid before well your search is over,  here you can ask for a team to walk you through your first raid or you can have them look over your build and see if it would be strong enough for the raid or if you are shy some DPS maybe they will be willing to carry you just so that you can get a feel of it. Some players don't want to as they see it as a waste of time we know it sucks but if more players were to share what they know and help those who are looking for the best advise so that they can have a great build then new raid players wouldn't be holding your team back. 

    If you are willing to help your fellow agents out then drop your gamer tag down bellow or leave a reply with your build and your fellow agents will guild you in the right direction.

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  3. Looking for agents to help with farming ask away. Some agents are luckier than others and the RNG god loves them more than others, but I'm sure if you ask nicely they will be willing to help you get the items that you need to either construct it or if a boss drops it they will share it with you since most of us already have all of the exotic's.


    Just remember that the one exotic weapon that you will not find out in the open world is going to be the Eagle Bearer exotic assault rifle. That is a raid only weapon 

    👇👇👇👇👇 👇👇👇👇👇 👇👇👇👇👇 👇👇👇👇👇  


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  4. Do you need one or two "Freelancers" to help you well you came to right place here you can ask a fellow freelancer for some assistance. 

    "Strong Alone, Stronger Together"



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  5. If you would like to Beta Test: Build 0 you can download it here.

    Download Here:

    Supported variant descriptor:




    Supported variant descriptor:

    [device: iPad4,4, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad4,3, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad6,12, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad7,4, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad4,3, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad7,3, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad7,4, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad11,3, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad4,8, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad7,2, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad6,12, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad7,1, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad4,7, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad4,5, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad8,2, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad5,2, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad5,2, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad6,8, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad11,2, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad5,3, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad7,4, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad6,11, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad7,3, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad4,5, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad4,5, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad4,9, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad4,6, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad5,1, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad4,1, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad4,1, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad5,4, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad4,2, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad6,3, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad5,3, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad4,7, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad5,3, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad8,4, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad6,7, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad6,12, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad4,4, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad11,4, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad6,12, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad11,1, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad4,9, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad8,3, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad6,8, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad4,8, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad6,3, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad8,6, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad7,6, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad6,7, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad6,8, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad4,3, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad8,1, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad5,1, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad4,9, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad8,5, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad4,5, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad4,8, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad4,8, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad5,4, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad4,6, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad7,1, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad5,4, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad7,6, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad4,9, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad4,8, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad5,3, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad5,4, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad7,5, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad4,7, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad6,7, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad4,4, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad4,1, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad4,7, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad7,1, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad6,11, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad8,5, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad4,3, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad5,2, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad4,4, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad7,3, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad5,1, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad7,5, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad6,4, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad7,5, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad8,4, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad4,1, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad6,11, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad5,3, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad8,3, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad7,2, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad5,2, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad8,1, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad4,9, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad6,4, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad4,6, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad4,3, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad7,1, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad4,2, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad4,4, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad7,4, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad4,2, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad4,2, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad4,1, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad8,7, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad8,8, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad7,3, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad7,6, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad6,4, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad5,1, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad6,11, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad4,6, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad8,8, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad4,6, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad8,6, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad6,4, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad4,7, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad6,3, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad6,3, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad7,2, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad6,8, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad8,2, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad6,7, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad6,8, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad4,2, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad6,4, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad5,2, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad7,2, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPad6,3, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad5,1, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPad8,7, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPad5,4, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad6,7, os-version: 10.0], and [device: iPad4,5, os-version: 12.2]



    Supported variant descriptors:

    [device: iPad2,2, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad2,3, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad2,5, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad2,7, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad2,1, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad2,4, os-version: 9.0], and [device: iPad2,6, os-version: 9.0]



    Supported variant descriptors:

    [device: iPhone5,2, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPod5,1, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPhone5,3, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPhone5,4, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPhone5,1, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPhone5,3, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPhone4,1, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPhone5,1, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPhone5,2, os-version: 9.0], and [device: iPhone5,4, os-version: 10.0]




    Supported variant descriptors:

    [device: iPhone11,8, os-version: 12.0] and [device: iPhone11,8, os-version: 12.2]




    Supported variant descriptors:

    [device: iPhone10,6, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPhone11,6, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPhone7,1, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPhone10,3, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPhone7,1, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPhone10,6, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPhone11,4, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPhone11,4, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPhone9,2, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPhone9,4, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPhone8,2, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPhone8,2, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPhone9,2, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPhone10,2, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPhone8,2, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPhone11,2, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPhone9,4, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPhone11,6, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPhone10,3, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPhone10,2, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPhone8,2, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPhone10,2, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPhone10,5, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPhone8,2, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPhone9,4, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPhone10,6, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPhone9,2, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPhone10,5, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPhone7,1, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPhone11,2, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPhone7,1, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPhone9,2, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPhone10,3, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPhone7,1, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPhone10,5, os-version: 11.0], and [device: iPhone9,4, os-version: 12.2]




    Supported variant descriptors:

    [device: iPhone8,4, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPhone6,1, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPod7,1, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPhone6,2, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPhone9,1, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPhone6,1, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPhone10,1, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPhone6,1, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPhone8,4, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPhone8,1, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPhone10,4, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPhone8,4, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPhone9,3, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPhone8,1, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPhone7,2, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPhone7,2, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPhone7,2, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPod7,1, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPhone6,2, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPhone7,2, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPhone8,4, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPhone8,1, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPhone9,1, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPhone6,1, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPhone10,1, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPhone9,3, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPhone9,1, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPhone9,3, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPhone10,4, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPhone10,4, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPhone6,2, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPhone8,1, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPhone9,3, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPhone6,2, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPhone10,1, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPhone6,1, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPod7,1, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPod7,1, os-version: 12.0], [device: iPhone6,2, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPhone9,1, os-version: 11.0], [device: iPod7,1, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPhone8,1, os-version: 12.2], [device: iPhone7,2, os-version: 11.0], and [device: iPhone8,4, os-version: 9.0]




    Supported variant descriptors:

    [device: iPad3,3, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad3,4, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad3,4, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad3,6, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad3,5, os-version: 10.0], [device: iPad3,2, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad3,5, os-version: 9.0], [device: iPad3,1, os-version: 9.0], and [device: iPad3,6, os-version: 9.0]





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  6. anthem-icon.png.66c60ba538897a827be67698a438a1f4.png


    Anthem is set on an unnamed planet littered with advanced technological relics that harness an omnipresent energy source known as The Anthem of Creation. Unstable relics can spontaneously terraform sections of the planet, mutate wildlife, change the local climate, create portals, and spawn monstrous creatures. Extremely unstable artifacts can envelope a significant area with destructive energies, storms, and creatures, rendering them barren and inhospitable. Such events are known as Cataclysms. Humanity has limited knowledge as to the origins of these relics, how they work, and the extent of their abilities, but believe they were created by a godlike race called the Shapers, who abandoned the planet thousands of years ago for unknown reasons. The Anthem and the Shapers are revered by some people as the source of all life.

    Centuries before the start of the game, humanity was enslaved by a race of creatures called the Urgoth. A human named Helena Tarsis and her compatriots used Shaper technology to invent powerful exosuits that would allow them to fight back. These exosuits became known as Javelins, and Tarsis sacrificed herself to overthrow the Urgoth, who haven't been seen since. Over the centuries, General Tarsis and her Legion of Dawn became heroic legends to humanity, which also reestablished itself as a dominant race.

    In the nation of Bastion, most people live in fortified cities protected by Sentinels: Javelin pilots who act as the primary security and police force within the city walls. National security issues that require discretion and espionage are handled by Corvus, Bastion's official intelligence and diplomatic agency. Beyond the cities is a frontier filled with dangerous creatures, exiled outlaws, a hostile insectoid race called Scars, and random disasters caused by unstable Shaper artifacts. Cities rely on Freelancers, a faction of altruistic Javelin-piloting mercenaries, to deal with these threats. In the field, Freelancers rely on the help of Cyphers, individuals who are naturally attuned to the Anthem and use their resulting psychic gifts to remotely assist on missions and process data.

    Ten years before the main campaign, an authoritarian faction called The Dominion attacked the city of Freemark, which was the Freelancers' primary base of operations. The Dominion wanted to access a Shaper relic beneath the city called the Cenotaph, believing it would grant them control over the Anthem. Their activation of the Cenotaph resulted in an explosion that annihilated Freemark and left an expanding Cataclysm in its place called the Heart of Rage.

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  7. 1862984864_KPIcon.thumb.png.3809b86a7caf29ed0b2b6b68cdc053ec.png

    If you have any questions or need help with "Kosmics Puzzles" feel free to post your questions here. 

    Kosmics Puzzles is a tetris style puzzle game, an addictive block puzzle. The goal is to drag pieces to board and fill up all grids. It comes with 4 difficulties ranging from Beginner to Expert and there are 240 levels in total.


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  8. Hello & Welcome 


    This forum is for everything Tazz's Words related if you have any problems with the app or have questions

    about something feel free to post it here and one of the staff members or a fellow game members will be happily to assist you with your issue. 

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